Who is Thomasol?


After many years experience in the international fruit and vegetable business (in fact, specialising in Spanish imports and specifically sales to Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries), I moved in 2003 to Alicante where I started "Thomasol¨.

The name "Thomasol ' not only arises from my name, but also means, more or less, enjoy the sun. In Spanish, this literally translates as "Tomas el sol” and really shows the way I have built my business over many years with a wide variety of suppliers from different regions / provinces in this beautiful country: Spain!

Because of an excellent relationship with my suppliers, who are often family based, that I have built up through the years and, when necessary, the short time that I can reach a location with my personal advice and knowledge, my company Thomasol has become successful. By this way of working, existing suppliers have grown in volume and also, through their recommendations, the number of new suppliers has grown.

I have practical experience and knowledge of the business and this is important to my clients and suppliers. I am local to the products and can react at short notice, reaching my suppliers in their warehouse, packing station and/or office quickly. 

I am open to long-term based proposals and potential co-operations.

Feel free to contact my personal phone number +34 669 63 68 73 or by e-mail.