Purchase and sale of vegetables and fruits                        from and to Spain

Thomasol supports your organisation

  • Over 15 years established in Alicante - Spain
  • A wide range of agricultural and horticultural products, from all over Spain
  • Many years of collaboration with local growers


We are Thomasol. We are your intermediary in fruit and vegetable trading from Spain. Over 15 years we are established in El Campello – Alicante. From here we support wholesalers, retail and importers and exporters from over the whole world, with everything related to the purchase and sale of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural and horticultural products from Spain. 


Thomasol takes care of your purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables

As an intermediary between supplier and customer, we assist in your purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables. With our help, you will buy only products with the best quality, at the best possible prices. Our team speaks five languages fluently (Dutch, Spanish, English, German and Hungarian). This knowledge, combined with many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, makes that Thomasol can represent your interests like no other.


Renowned network throughout Spain

Thomasol has a well-established network of suppliers in almost every production area in Spain. Our contacts with the growers are often based on a personal and enjoyable - often familial - relationship. With many of our suppliers, we have a sustainable trade relationship for many years.


Personal contact with the grower - quality guaranteed!

Because we are based in Spain, we can visit all our suppliers on a regular basis. By this way, we know everything about them and the products they grow. Thanks to our extensive network and the short lines we maintain with our growers, we will always offer you fresh products of excellent quality. 

Delivery based on fixed agreements

Our roots remain Dutch. So, we like clarity and fixed agreements. This is also how we work with our suppliers and customers: With fixed weekly, monthly or seasonal contracts and/or prices. By this way, we all know what we may expect from each other. Isn’t that nice?


Customized service

As a supplier or buyer, at Thomasol you are not a number. We think it is important to know our gro-wers and customers. Your success is the success of Thomasol. So, wherever we can, we always try to assist you with appropriate advice and relevant tips. This our customized service. And of course, that is what you expect from your intermediary.